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Laguna Beach Portraits: The Jenkins

I’ve known the Jenkins for a long time, they’re my neighbors and friends. Both their kids are super adorable and their youngest son Benji is the same age as my daughter Chanel. For this shoot we went to Thousand Steps beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in California, for sure!

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Laguna Beach Family Portraits

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Laguna Beach Family Photography: A Mothers Day Family Portrait Session

Last year, a couple of days before Mothers day, I received a call from a young woman named Kristine. She told me that she and her family wanted to surprise her mom with a “Mothers Day Photo Session in Laguna Beach”. Her mom indeed was pleasantly surprised! Now it all made sense why she was told to wear something white and why everybody else was dressed in similar clothing. This family was SO FUN to photograph! I could tell immediately when we started the “posed” pictures that they had a lot of energy and were ready to step it up a bit. Well, it ended up being more than “a bit”. I LOVE IT SO MUCH when people take my direction this well and can have such a great time.  Mom said at the end she had had such a blast and would never forget this mothers day again. What a compliment! :-) XO Anna